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ECOS - Electrical Vehicle Checkout Systems

ECOS - Electrical Vehicle Checkout Systems

ECOS or Electrical Check Out System VCTS2000 is used for Testing Electrical Circuitryin a Vehicle during Production.

A vehicle typically has on an average around 25 to 30 circuits which need to be tested. VCTS2000 helps in testing these circuits by automatically logging the current and voltage data and providing the test results so that the Vehicle testing process is faster. 

Benefits of ECOS System
Speeds up Testing : 
    • Production Time is saved 
    • Increase in Production 
    • Saving in Man Power

Eliminates Manual Errors
    • Accurate and reliable results

Generates Automatic Reports
    • No manual Data feeding

Stores Data for future reference
    • Data for any vehicle available any time
    • Easy for analysing rejected vehicles

Generates SPC reports for Analysis
    • Help in eliminating recurring faults 
    • Help in modification of circuits for better performance

* Clip on type Tong Tester for current measurement. No need to break electrical circuit for testing.
* Windows based user friendly software
* Self calibration facility
* Unlimited number of tests per vehicle programmable
* Unlimited number of Vehicle models programmable
* Minimum, maximum and peak current rating for each test programmable
* Unlimited historic data
* SPC report for a particular test based on model and period
* Possible to export data in other database formats
* Password protected settings
* Operator levels programmable for security
* Cordless Remote control operation. No Wires!!


Voltage Range 20.48 Volts
Resolution 0.1 Volt
Current Range 200 A / 1000 A DC Tong Tester
  Optional 20 A Tong
Resolution 0.1 A in 200 A range
  1 Amp in 1000 A range
Calibration Output 12V
For Current 150 mV
Operating System Windows
Platform Elipse Windows
Printer Deskjet Colour / Dot Matrix / Lable Printer

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